Steve Siu

Pianist and Entertainer Steve Siu is best known for his ingenious interpretations of pop culture favorites.  His signature style comprises a distinctive confluence of voicing, phrasing, pausing, exquisite touch, inner voices melodies, and imaginative embellishments to create the truly unmistakable sound Steve is renowned for.  


Steve is a musical savant who does not read music fluently as he is mostly self-taught and plays everything by ear from memory.  He is fortunate to have made every single dollar he has ever made by working as a professional pianist for over 25 years with a memorized repertoire of over 1400 songs with over 9000 performances under his belt.  In 2003, Alan Fuerstman, the founder and CEO of Montage Hotels and Resorts, heard Steve perform at an establishment and hand picked him to be the resident pianist at the grand opening of the very first Montage Resort and Spa in Laguna Beach California, a post Steve has held to this date where he performs daily since the inception of the ultra luxury brand.


Steve has released numerous albums on streaming platforms like Spotify and has over 2.3 million views on his YouTube channel. In 2020, Steve commenced on an ambitious recording project called “An EP a Week” where Steve releases a 4 song EP weekly exclusively to his fans on Patreon.  It is Steve’s mission to reimagine artistry, creativity, and expressivity in the genre of pop piano interpretation as he embarks on his legacy.